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«Soundeo Soul» - the way to finding the right inner condition.

«Soundeo Soul» is a record label and an Organic House / Downtempo / Melodic Techno / Progressive House / Deep House music platform for promoting live performances.

We create unique content, organizing, filming and broadcasting live performances / concerts of musicians in the most beautiful places around the world, immersing in the awareness of beauty through the prism of electronic music and video.


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About «Soundeofm»

«Soundeofm» — the way to finding the right inner condition.

Our objective — to bring energy and joy into your life. We want you to rejoice and dance.

We're constantly working to find the best contemporary music and to help talented musicians and artists to reach a wide audience. Everyone can find music here to fit their taste.

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If you like the sounds we air, look forward to the continued development of new songs to air or you just want «this music to play forever» and think that the radio station is worthy of your support, you can do so with a contribution of any amount of money that you think is appropriate — don't be shy and thank you!

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